Travelify Pro or Premium version


I got lots of question TBH but most of the answer is there. Keep doing a good job. With this kind of service, i believe people will buy your template some day (most of the user is doing business, maybe you can get immense discount on their products? lol)

for now, what i’ll do (and other users should do) is going to give you high rating.

Thank you aigars

Fariz, thanks you for your support!
I will sell some premium themes eventually but this theme will remain free and some other will be free as well. I don’t feel too confident with my coding to sell themes just yet, so I will continue to built new free themes just to learn some coding. Your feedback is what keeps me going. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your review on :slight_smile:

Dear Support, I want to know whether the prmium version of the theme is out so that i can buy and remove the footer links, i love this theme

Thank you for your feedback!

I guess I will keep this theme for free at least for now because I have placed lots of premium theme options inside this theme that I can’t think of anything new to add for premium. Of course changing footer links via web interface would be a nice addition.

If you have any ideas what you would like to see on premium theme version, let me know and I will try to make it possible.

Otherwise, I appreciate any kind of donations and I can give you a fully detail instructions on how to change footer text.