Travelify slider stopped working

Hi there,

Love the Travelify theme!
Unfortunately my homepage slider has recently stopped working. Reading through previous support threads I realised this was probably due to the W3 Total Cache plugin. I’ve deactivated the plugin for now but the slider hasn’t started to work again. Is there something else I need to do?

Many thanks

(The website in question is

Mine does not work either but my problem seems different than yours. But maybe they are related. Hoping support can help me out as well.

An image doesn’t even show up for me, just a blank grey box on the top right of my header with the name of my slider image post in it (Private: image2). Here is a picture of it:

Am I doing something wrong?
thanks for any help!

website is

Sorry, disregard above. It just started working again.
Check yours and see if its working too britishnannies.

Mine is still not working I’m afraid.

Is there anyone who could help, at all?