Travelify WordPress theme looks different on IE8

I’ve installed Travelify, and I am facing a lot of display problems with Internet Explorer.
Is Travelify supposed to work on IE ?

What IE version do you use?

8.0 Actually, I’ve installed several plugins, like HTML5shiv. It fixes several bugs, hovever, the text in the slider does not appear. I only have a large white square.

It should be working on IE9 and IE10 but haven’t done much testing on IE8. I am on Mac so it is a bit tricky to do proper testing.

I will try to fix issues with IE8 within a week. Will keep you posted.

Yes, I’ve adapted the template on my mac, but I wanted to try at the office with my PC. Actually, even the demo version has the same problem. I dont know if you are motivated by developping again everything for this annoying version of IE

It’s not like I have to develop it from scratch, I just have to make several fallbacks for gradients, RGBa (transparent elements), HTML5 elements etc. Just not sure how much since I already tried to implement several things when I was working on this theme. Will see.

Thanks for reporting this issue!

I already made necessary changes to make this theme work in IE8. iCurrently theme is under review by team. It should soon be available via update.