Two issues - Mobile rendering and sublink


I have created a Travelify child theme on the site However, when trying to view the site on a mobile device the formatting goes completely off.

Is there any way to have the mobile site as a zoomed out version of the original? Thereby eliminating the formatting issues I currently have? The background picture also does not scroll on the mobile version like it does on the web version.

Secondly, the sublink under “About Us” is not clickable at present. Is there any reason why?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to disable responsive layout for this theme. That’s how responsive website should appear on mobile and not zoomed or scalled.

Maybe you can try this solution that I posted a while ago. However, I have no guarantee that it will work for all mobile devices.

To fix dropdown or so called submenu you can add this code to your Child Theme style.css or inside Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

#main-nav ul li ul {
  top: 37px;

Let me know if this helps.