Two Issues...

The “services” header is not showing on the home page above the services section - It appears to be there when you are customizing, but not on the live view.

Secondly, on our “About us” page, the images for each person are not staying when selected. Using the site builder and the “person” widget. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @yoktom,

Please have a look in FAQ - Common Issues at #3, it seems like it will fix all of your problems:

To avoid injecting default information as live content, the demo content only serves as guideline to set up your own widgets information.

All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

Replacing the missing content with new one will regenerate it on the live website.

Let me know if this the website is working as expected.


I have replaced the content, and re saved. It still isn’t showing…

the Services section is there, but the header that says “services” does not display live - it only displays in the dashboard when logged in.

Would it be possible to provide me a couple of screenshots and maybe temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation?

Every text and widget that is not appearing on the live website needs to be completely changed before it can appear on the live website.

Cheers username colorlib password temp123

It’s the “services” section on the home page - in the back end it shows the heading “Services” but on the home page it does not when viewed live.

The about us page I’ve figured a workaround - I hard coded the images, however, if you use the visual builder the images will not stay. Don’t worry about that one for now, as I’ve figured it out.


Thank you for the access!
I mentioned numerous time that you need to re-save that field in order to appear on the live website.

I did it for you now, everything should be running alright, please confirm.


My apologies, but I feel as though I had done that, can you please tell me how you saved it differently than I did? I removed the widget, added my own content and resaved it- not sure how that didn’t work.

I do appreciate your help.

Secondly, I am having an issue with some coding on the home page now. The button “register now” is spreading across the entire page instead of conforming to a 300px size. Any ideas on what might be causing that?


I had just changed the text to new one, like Servicessand then back to Services

Try this CSS code to handle the full-width button:

button.css3button {
    max-width: 300px;

Let me know if you got it alright.