Two menu items are highlighted in WordPress WooCommerce


Great theme, thank you.

Can you PLEASE help me and see if you can see why the “Earrings” buttons is also highlighted
on my “Shop” page? It’s just a regular old Woocommerce Shop page but an extra button is mysteriously highlighted.

Also, I have the default layout set to no sidebar/full width with default template, then “Left sidebar” selected on individual pages, but my woocommerce shopping pages still show the right blog sidebar. No matter what I do these shopping pages show the right blog sidebar, even with left sidebar checked, default template selected, and left sidebar selected for the individual shopping pages. Thank you for replying to these questions.

Both share the same url “shop-jewelry-port-aransas-tx” so WordPress thinks that these are the same pages. Consider changing that because Google and other search engines will show them as duplicates so only one will be indexed.

Edit: Turns out that it’s not because of the same URL, but it still has something to do with it. It is still marked as “current-menu-item”

Unfortunately WooCommerce for this theme works only with right-side sidebar. At least for now.