Tyche template displays nothing when i click on "Activate/Live preview" button

Hi all,

I downloaded tyche template for wordpress on Colorlib, (link: Tyche - Free eCommerce Theme - Colorlib )
i Imported it into my Wordpress
Then i goes to Theme, thumnnail of that template still show
But when i click on “Activate” or “Live preview” button. It will direct to nothing page.
=> How can i fix this?
My wordpress is 4.8

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Unfortunately I’m unable to provide you with a fix.
I’ll have to report this issue to the developer to have it rectified.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. You can follow the progress here.

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Fix here: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/missing-files-in-downloaded-theme/

You will need to download these files: https://github.com/MachoThemes/epsilon-framework

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I am glad that you were ale to find a solution.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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