Tyche theme problem: variable products are being added to the card

Tyche theme problem:

Variable products are being added to the card instead of navigating to the product page when i press the select options button. Check here to see the bug. This is a great theme, please do not disappoint me with your support :slight_smile:

note that the problem is only hapenning on homepage

I noticed the reason for this is because the front page uses the button class ajax_add_to_cart add_to_cart_button button black rather than button product_type_variable add_to_cart_button changing the class allows the buttons to work properly. The front page elements all use the same button type but different labels. This would need to be updated for the theme to work properly with variable products.

Changing the class is not a solution because the widget is dynamic. Probably i need to change something in the php code of the theme widget

I know. I was simply providing additional details as to why it wasn’t working so the devs hopefully can make the change soon on their end. I’ll look into a solution tomorrow as I’m using this theme with a client and this is preventing me from listing all the products I need to on the front page.

I’ll look too, let me know if you fixed this

the problem should be between this path: wp-content\themes\tyche\inc\libraries\widgets\widget-tyche-products

line ~73-74 ?

Hi, I have same problem did you find way how to fix it?

No i didn’t i just removed all variable products from my website and broke them into multiple categories to make them simple

I guess the issue better be reported on https://github.com/puikinsh/tyche/issues, I don’t think the support here does the actual development. I also doubt the developers read the forums

i reported it

I am facing different sort of Problem … that is:
on my homepage, its not displaying currencyof products ,which i have selected from woo commerce…
like Im selecting Pakistani rupees (PKR) but its showing currency of Indian rupeers symbol.
no issue of woo commerce plugin i have checked it… at cart page its shows PKR … only on product price labels ,on homaepage and shop page as well its happennig. kindly help me to fix this bug :frowning:


Same issue over here, variable products are being added to the card instead of navigating to the product page … Has anyone found a solution ?