I need some help in:

  • making my logo appear in the centre of the page (I have followed the above instructions but nothing changes)
  • Making my logo bigger than the 165 x 70 (I have followed the above instructions but nothing happens)
  • There is this massive blank area to the right of the homepage that pushes all the content to the left. (I have followed above instructions on making it “fullWidth” but again, nothing happens)
  • I try to add a Banner Image- but it doesn’t show.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Hi Nathan

Let me check your website first,
In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look


Need to centre logo and make it bigger
Also there is a space to the right of the page that needs to be removed so the home page is centers.
and also when I try to put a header image- it doesnt show

I also need the email address at the top left of the website removed?


when I hover over the menu the colour disappears-

Hi there

You are not using our theme on your website, it’s not Tyche

Ooooh I see. I probably can’t read by the looks of things.
Could you advise WTF this is then?

It’s fine. There are too many issues with this theme and VERY LITTLE support.

I going to rather pay for another theme with other developers.

Hi Nate

Sorry, but when I checked your website Bold photography was activated and sadly I did not take a screenshot, probably it was a short period of the time when you tested it?