Ugly black bars/box on videos in Shapely Video Section


I’m working with the Shapely Video Section to display a full-size YouTube video (don’t want to host the large file on the client’s server), and depending on the browser window size, there are ugly black boxes above and below it. Even when the browser window is maximized, there is a thin black border on top of the video which is really distracting:

How to remove this?

I’ve seen other websites that use a similar feature (large video section), but they do not have the ugly black boxes around their videos (e.g.,, so it’s possible. Or perhaps this functionality can be rebuilt in an update so that it resizes the video differently, please? The black boxes and borders are so visually awkward.

Thank you!

Hi, I would like to know if you have been able to resolve this issue, I have the same problem in the mobile resolution

Nothing yet… I’ve poked around and cannot seem to find a simple solution. Now I’m looking into alternatives to Shapely’s video functionality because it just does not look good. I know it is possible to scale videos with the browser, you can see it on websites such as and I’d rather have a video clip that scales like that!

If anyone finds a solution, or an alternative, please share!

Hi there

Guys, sorry, but there is no option to change this, in order to make it happens customization is necessary by default this is not possible, you may try something else instead of the default video section