Unable to add new photos to Slider

I currently have 6 photos in the slider feature on the homepage here: http://www.katrinsilvadressage.com/
I’m trying to add 2 more. They are the correct size and have been added to pages, and the page number has been added to the slider list. but when the slider cycles around to photos 7 & 8, the page jumps to showing no slider at all.
I have been over and over all the options, and am not finding what I’m doing wrong.
Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately, I’m unable to replicate the issue,
The theme version: 3.0.4 is working fine, having added 8 slides.
Can you verify what version of the theme you’re using.

Also try deleting and adding back the feature images for the last 2 posts that aren’t showing correctly.

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Thank you. I did delete the entire slider option and started over and it finally loaded all the slides properly.
Thank you for your help.

Hello there,

I am glad the solution worked for you.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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