Unable to Import Demo Content / Activate Jetpack


I imported the demo content per the instructions and am now working on activating all the materials that support the site. Specifically I am in Welcome to Shapely - v1.2.1 on the tab Recommended Actions. I activated Import Demo Content, which I had already done per previous instructions, and it activated Jetpack. However, Jetpack is not appearing in my plugins and when I went to download it from Wordpress it said the destination folder already exists. So I’m now stuck, because Jetpack is not installed, but I cannot find it. When I press the “Import Demo Content” button, there is no response and Jetpack is “activating” endlessly in a spinning arrow of death.

How do I import these items properly so they are cleared out of this tab and I can use / activate what’s required here?


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Try to install the plugin from WordPress dashboard > plugins > add new and then search for jetpack and install/activate it
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As I said above I went through that process already. It won’t let me install Jetpack because the folder already exists from somewhere else. How do I delete the demo content .xml file? Where can I find that? I think that’s the issue, because the demo content already exists and it’s duplicating the process.

So you understand, I went through the process:

"2. Import Shapely demo content and widget content.
Shapely theme depends on WordPress widgets and regular WordPress Importer doesn’t support widget content. Therefore it makes theme demo content import slighly different but luckily we have got you covered.

Download Shapely demo content.
Unzip it and you should see two files shapely-demo.xml and shapely-widgets.wie.
Import regular Shapely demo content by going to WordPress dashboard -> Tools -> Import -> WordPress. You should there upload file shapely-demo.xml
Afterwards you should change your website from blog layout to static website by going to WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page (select below).
Now you are ready to import widget content. For that you need to search for plugin called “Widget Importer & Exporter”. You can find and install it via WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.
Once you have above mentioned plugin installed you can go to WordPress dashboard -> Tools ->Widget Importer & Exporter and there you should import shapely-widgets.wie which you downloaded earlier."

The demo content did not appear, so I went back to the theme about section and it had 3 recommendations. The first activated with no problem. The second was IMPORT DEMO CONTENT and the third was ACTIVATE JETPACK.

The demo content button was non-responsive, and Jetpack had the activating circle of doom.

So I went to the plugins page directly (as you also suggested above) and that’s when I got the message that the folder already existed. Hence my problem.

Please help. I have a blank website and need to get this up. I reverted to my old format so I don’t disrupt business.


Also, I uninstalled the them and reinstalled it and am getting the same info.



It is not because of the demo content, it is because of the jetpack plugin installed partially, try login to your site using the FTP and navigate to the wp-content/plugins and delete the Jetpack folder from there directly, and then install the plugin via Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> search for Jetpack.

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