unable to publish menu

I have followed the tutorials for creating a menu, but have been unable to get anything to work. I created my primary menu, following the tutorial, then:

  1. If I add items to my menu from Appearance - Menus (as described in the tutorial), when I try to “Add to Menu” the little circle spins on forever and ever…never adding the page to my menu.

  2. When I click the “customize” button at the top of my screen, it gives me a different pathway to add pages to my menu, and this works- the menu shows up on my screen, but when I click “Publish” I get an error message, and the menu does not appear when I go to the live site.

Thank you for your help.

Hallelujah- I figured it out right after posting here- figures!

Hello there,

Nice work, did you fix both of the issues?

Best Regards,