Unable to remove widgets

Hi all,

I try to remove those annoying widgets on the right side (i have the option to switch between left/right, but not hide…?) but i cant find a way to do so. I removed all widgets from the widgets-section, but the archive + Meta-Widget wont disappear.

Sb can tell me why?

Thanks a lot!


There is no full width options for this theme yet.

For pages you use full-width template but for pages such as archive, blog currently there is no options without sidebar.

However you can simply hide it if you don’t want to use it by adding this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

#secondary {
    display: none;

ah well, i didnt know that i can switch between full-width and “normal” template. thanks a lot, now i found it!!!


I’m having the same problem. I want a sidebar, but I don’t want Archives and Meta widgets in the sidebar. By adding that code, does that mean I can’t have any widgets in the sidebar? Am I not able to use custom sidebars?

I should have mentioned that I’m using the Dazzling theme, not Sparkling.