Unable to set feature image

I am able to upload a picture through the media tab on the left side of WP, however, If I go into a post and try to access images they will not load to insert into a post or set the feature image.

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Can you switch over to a default WordPress like twenty sixteen and try adding image to a post or feature image to see if it works.
That way we’ll know if its a theme problem or not.

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Hi, i have same problem with theme

look at screenshot plz http://joxi.ru/4AkLP4XtMKDlpr

when i try to set feautered image, or remove them, or open image library, im always get success json, but preloader still rotate and nothing is happens.

default hteme works fine.

wp is latest version.

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Please ensure that the theme is updated then disable any third party plugins you may have active to see if there is a conflict at play here, If you are then able to add an image to a post then a plugin is causing the issue.

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