UnApp WP theme critical error

Hi, I just downloaded your Unapp WP theme, but when I activate it, it creates an error on the front end of my site, saying “There has been a critical error on your website”.

The WP admin area still works. Everything’s up to date, PHP 7.2, WP 4.5.1

Can you please help with this? Is the theme compatible with this version of WP?


Sorry, typo - WP 5.4.1 - the latest version.

Hey there

We don’t have such WordPress theme Unapp, can you tell me a little bit more about your question? most probably you are installing HTML template in the WordPress and it will not work


Hi, thanks for the reply.

You have both HTML and WP versions, and it’s the WP version I’ve downloaded.

The HTML template version is here Unapp - Free Business App Website Template - Colorlib

On this page, your reply to the first comment is

“this one is not a WordPress theme. But we have a WordPress version for it available (Unapp - Colorlib)”

Any ideas what’s causing the error? Thanks.

Hi there
Thanks for the follow-up and clarification.
Kindly confirm, does this error persists when you switch to one of the default WP themes? Are there any errors reported on your WP debug log? Do activate WP debug and let me know if there are any issues being reported.
Colorlib Support Team