Unclickable dropdown-menu header

Hi, I am using dazzling-child theme and I have a dropdown menu in the main site navigation.
Look like:

And if I click the shop it should open the /shop page but instead it points to ‘#’
I have edited the code in navwalker.php according to this thread this

my code looks like

 if ( $args->has_children && $depth === 0 ) {
      $atts['href'] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : 'http://localhost/wordpress/shop';
      $atts['data-toggle']  = 'dropdown';
      $atts['class'] = 'dropdown-toggle';
 } else {
   $atts['href'] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : 'http://localhost/wordpress/shop';

As you can see I also hardcoded the link there so I would see it working but did not help.
I cannot this of anything else to try.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @gularis,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

It’s the limitation of Twitter Bootstrap that this theme uses which you can resolve by using the solution shared in the following reply.


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