Unite Javascript Issues using WooCommerce plugin?


I have recently been seeing some display errors of elements of Woocommerce when using Unite theme. I suspect they are related to JQuery/Javascript but as my technical skills are limited cannot be certain. I did read about a similar issue on a Dazzling theme thread, perhaps they are related.

The display errors I have seen are the ratings section on product reviews and also non-functioning lightbox. The ratings appear in a simple dropdown box, rather than the usual stars.

My first suspicion was W3TC but I was already avoiding the use of minify and disabling the plugin made no difference. I have tried disabling all plugins (except Woocommerce) and the error remains. However, temporarily switching to an alternative Woocommerce compatible theme does see all functionality return to normal.

My url is www.horseracingcollector.com

Thank you for your time.

I don’t see any issues with your website.

Probably once you disable W3 Total Cache Minify settings you didn’t clear your browser and website cache, so it still showed broken version on your website. Right now it runs smoothly and lightbox and other JavaScript related functions are working just fine.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

That’s very odd.

Normal function has indeed returned for me also but I disabled W3TC minify months ago. The only other thing I have done is re-engage Cloudflare after about a week of not using it due to some issues it caused. Cloudflare does handle JS minification so perhaps this has caused the effect I had been witnessing.

Whatever the reason, my apologies for troubling you and thank you for your time.