Fatal error : Unparenthesized a ? b : c ? d : e is not supported. Use either (a ? b : c) ? d : e or a ? b : (c ? d : e) in /homepages/9/d375773751/htdocs/Oarsome2020/wp-content/themes/shapely/inc/extras.php on line 442

My website is www.teamoarsome.com - i’ve tried turning off all the plugins, but get the same outcome

Please help - i had the error on this line, but have also had this same error, but pointing at another line in the document

Thank you!

Hey there

Sorry about that what is the version of WordPress, theme, and PHP on your site?

thanks for coming back (sorry for the delayed response). Version of wordpress 5.6, php is 8.0, latest version of shapely (1.1.2)

Hey there

Please downgrade your PHP version to 7.4, even the WordPress is not fully ready for PHP 8 version :slight_smile: