Unwanted template width when displayd as category

Hi there,
I’ve just noticed that when I watch the pages via the top menu (which is build by categories) they are displayd in full page width. Though they are defined as “Standard template”, which is smaller than full width. When I open them directly as a single blog page they are correctly displayd as defined: as "standard template“.

I can’t figure out whats causing this umwanted behavior. Of cause all the pages/ blogs should have the „standard template“ width no matter if they are displayd as categories or single blog pages.

Any ideas to fix it?

Please, take a look: a-casaccio.eu


Hi @colorchris

Please provide links to the example, or steps to replicate the problem, I browsed theme and was unable to reproduce the problem

the blog page “regalbau” as exemplary for different page widths:

width via menu (category):

(“regalbau” is first entry in this category)

Width on the blog page itself:

You will note these different page sizes on all pages via Menu/category or the page itself. They all should have the same “standard theme” width.

I can also send two screenshots …

Hi there

Ok, thanks, it can be fixed by this css code, add it in the appearance > Customize > Additionally css:

.single-post #primary {
    width: 100%;


as allways, thank you so much for support, Noda!

But full width for single post is not what I want. Single post width is OK, it should stay as it defined in block editor: The width of “standard template”. That width should also occur when the post is displayd as category. What i don’t want is full width when the post is shown in a “category”

Obviously somewhere there is a definition for full width for “category”. But where ist that setting?

The annoying problem of different widths in “category” and “blogpost” view still exists.

Maybe I couldn’t explain clearly enough what the problem is. So I’ll try again.

  • Please look at https://a-casaccio.eu/category/um-uns-herum/strassenkunst. You will notice that the width of text and gallery is displayed in full width. This is not the width that is desired and defined as “default” in the block editor!

  • Then click on the heading “Strassenkunst”. The blog post https://a-casaccio.eu/strassenkunst will than open directly and you will notice that the text and gallery are in different width. Thats the width I want to have also for „category view"

Another website <kukukandergrenze.eu>, which I also created with shapely, does not show this behavior. Regardless of whether a blogpost is displayed as a single blogpost or by category, they always have the same width. Thats how it should be. Why doesn’t it work for <a-casaccio.eu>?

… no support help possible?


Maybe thats a better way to illustrate the issue:

  • Please go to a-casaccio.eu.
  • Hover over menu “Das Haus” and click “Rustico” >
  • This will open: https://a-casaccio.eu/category/das-haus/rustico in full width of the browser window.
  • Than next, click on the blog title the first blog entry on top of the page.
  • This will open the blog page itself and you will see that it appears in a much smaller width. But this is exactly the width I want for the whole website no matter if shown as blogpage or shown by category: the width of the standard template.

Obviously somewhere else there is another definition for the width if the blog post is called by a category. But where is that setting and how can I get acces to it?


Hi Chris

try this code instead:

.category .post-content {
    max-width: 780px;

Sorry for the delay

Thank you, I’m very glad to receive your answer! The width for category and blog content is now the same. The issue seems to be solved :slight_smile:

But is now positioned left. What has to be added to put it in a centred position? I’m sure this will also be a very little piece of code.

Unfortunately because I’m not familiar with css I have to ask again …


Hi Chris

yes, you can use this code:

.category .post-content {
    margin: 0 15%;

Thank you so much Noda,

now the problem is solved, and btw I understand a little bit more of css structure now :slight_smile:

Cool, thats nice to hear :slight_smile:

Hi there,
its me again. Maybe this is helpful for someone else: I found the simple reason for the diferences in widths in blog and category view.

In customizer Blog-settings I detected different settings for blogpage and blogpost (Einstellung für Blogseite und Einstellung für Einzelbeitrag)

For blogpage it was “Blog-Template” fullwidth and no sidebar for blogpost.

I took "no sidebar for both settings and everything is fine: the whole site has the same width.

no more customized css is needed for this :-))

@colorchris your contribution is highly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile: