Up to five buttons with customizer support?

Is it possible to have up to five buttons in the jumbotron with ability to easily change the text/links in customizer? I’m willing to change up the code if you let me know where and how I can do so! Thanks!

Alternatively, can I remove the first button? My page is just a launchpad type page and want to direct people to the links. Ideally, I would have liked these links as buttons at the top, but if I can’t do this I might just change one of the buttons to be “see photos” which will then scroll down to the next section with all the links. See screenshot.

OR: Can I remove the buttons and the white section completely and somehow include the text from that page where the buttons are? I want to be able to easily edit the links that’s why it’s important for me to either have it in customizer or in a page (not through code).


Hello Samantha,

Have you managed to find a solution for this?

The way forward to modify the customizer and the header, you should check out files on your server:
inc > customizer > panels > jumbotron.php and sections > front-page-bottom-header.php

If nothing works, please provide more details and explanation of what you want to achieve and I’ll do my best to provide you an easier workaround than changing the customizer fields.