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First of all, as always, thanks for this theme, it still works perfectly with my website.
Quick question though: I’d love to install the updated version of the theme but I’m scared it will crush every CSS changes that I’ve made with your help all along. Do you know a way to prevent that from happening again?

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Can you tell me where your css is stored? :slight_smile: if you have all your changes in appearance > customize > additional css then there is nothing to worry about update

Colorlib Support Team

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Updating the theme could erase the CSS depending on the changes in the update but usually they are unaffected bur here are a few measures that you can implement.

You can use Updraft to create a backup of your WordPress theme settings:

Then, you can create a child theme to contain all of the changes that you made to the theme so that the update will not erase them:

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It works just fine :slight_smile:

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I think it’s all good!
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