update overwrites design settings!?

Hello at colorlib,
I am using your Sparkling theme for a client’s website, it was quite OK and I was undergoing some routine updates today. I made the mistake to hit your Update Theme button within the WordPress backend. I had no problems with the site, but assumed that it would contain some security updates or whatever. Result: It overwrote all the design settings we had done on the site, and it took me three hours to put everything straight again.

I mean, HOW CAN YOU offer an update that actually overwrites the design settings?!? There was no warning and nobody would expect such behavior from a decent software. If this is how your update usually behaves, please remove it immediately! Still I can’t quite believe it, because you would get a dozen of complaints very day. So … what was wrong?

Best regards!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

WordPress themes will overwrite the information in the theme with certain theme updates, this is why it is recommended to use a child theme to contain any theme customizations and changes.

Please have a look at the following plugin that allows you easily create child themes:

Best Regards,