Update the theme documentation?

Will you please update the documentation for this theme? this information is no longer valid and I am having issues trying to add a few more photos to the slider option.
**Set up Homepage Featured Slider

Thank you.

My version is up to date.
my slider set up page looks like this:

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Thank you for reaching out. I’ll let the developer know.
In regards to the feature slider, what exactly is the issue you’re having?

  • Ensure you’re using post IDs and that the post you’re using has an appropriate sized feature image of1018px x 460px.

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Yes, and Yes: proper size and using post ID. The system just doesn’t seem to be recognizing them… When the slider cycles through the photos, it gets to the one I just tried to add and goes blank – reverts back to the Home Page where the slider images are located. Very frustrating. I’m grateful for any other suggestions.
There is not a limit to how many slider photos can be added, is there? I only have 8 (with 1 not showing) but would like to increase it to 10.
Thank you in advance.

sorry, 7 boxes for the slider photos and the 7th one just reverts back to the home page.

Hi Support - do you have any other suggestions please? my friend is waiting for me to update her site. thanks! :slight_smile:

still waiting for some kind of response from support … Day 8…
Is anybody there??

why was this post assigned to support if no-one is going to answer??