Update to Travelify 3.0 gives additional menu item


I updated to version 3.0 and now I have an additional item in all menus.

The website is http://wattedrei.medeasspace.de/wordpress/
the item which should not be there is Navigation

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I found the answer in another post!!


And how do you solve it?

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This is the solution I read somewhere:


.default-menu {
display: none;

to the custom css in Travelify Other Options.

I understand a forthcoming update of the theme will take care of this.


Yes, that’s it. Thanks Arnold for posting it! Y.

Unfortunately the mobile site still shows the item “Navigation”. Is there a workaround for this?

Unfortunately the site still shows the item “Navigation”. How to solve this?

A possible, temporary workaround (as I understand this is a bug that is going to be taken care of):

If you have write-access to /wp-content/themes/travelify/library/functions/functions.php, you will find a filter halfway down the php-file with a line containing: (‘Navigation’, ‘travelify’).
Comment out like so: (/**‘Navigation’, ‘travelify’ */). Do not comment out the whole line! Just the references between the brackets.
Then the dropdown menu on a smaller (mobile) screen then doesn’t show the item Navigation at the bottom of the list (i.e. on my own cell phone)
!!!Better copy the file before tinkering with it like this so you can go back if this workaround does not work for you.

On a normal screen the custom CSS entry as mentioned above seems to suffice.

Let us know what happens.

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The issue will be resolved ASAP.

In the meanwhile, you can remove this default menu item by using the solution posted in the following reply.


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Just want to update here that the issue is resolved in the latest released version of Travelify theme.