Updated, lost all home page data, restored, parallax images not working

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We completed the most recent update and lost our homepage - it was deleted, so I restored, went into edit - selected the home page template changing it from default to restore the widgets, and they restored, all except the images in the Parralax widget for homepage, are not displaying. I have two sections, the first widget/welcome section and the About Us call to action a few sections down under the Features widget. Please see here:


The images for the other widgets are displaying, please help. Thank you for your prompt assistance.

Also, the testimonials widget is not displaying and our loading speed has gone way up. It’s taking a really long time to load where it wasn’t before. We appreciate your help.

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I checked your website and i’m seeing numerous errors.
As a troubleshooting steps I’m going to ask you to disable all third party plugin, and see if the issue persist, If this resolves the issue, kindly enable the plugins one by one to find the culprit.

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Could you please help? I think I have the same problem, I completed the update and lost the pictures of the homepage, the images in the Parralax widget for homepage, are not displaying. I changed the color from white into green, so it is possible to read the texts in the widget, that are all written in white font.


Thank you very much

Hey Lucaran!

Sorry for the delay! Yes, I can help. I found that because I am using a page-builder, Elementor to build my other pages, we had accidentally selected edit with elementor on the homepage at some point and with the updates of Colorlib shapely theme, it somehow interacts weirdly with the parralax section for the front page.

What I did was go to dashboard - pages and create a new page. Make a new home page, save it as a home page from the drop down template (right side settings when you’re in edit page - make sure you do not do edit with your page builder or Elementor on that page - ever or this will keep happening), then go to appearance - customize - static home page tab - and set the new home page as the new front page. Then go to menus and make sure to remove the old page and set the new home page as your home link on your main menu. Then go back to pages and delete that old home page.

This should resolve your problem. Let me know if you have any other issues!