Updating sequence to version 1.4.3

I’m using version 1.3.1 and can update to 1.4.3.
My question is: should I first update the Twenty 12/13/14 themes?
And what about JetPack, which I use as a plugin?
Thanks for your support.

What I mean is: should I first update to 1.4.3 of Dazzling, or update JetPack first?
You see, I get different opinions on what to do first, so I just want to make sure I update everything in the right order.
P.S. Forget the remarks about Twenty 12/13/14!

It doesn’t matter which one you update first or second as both methods will work just fine. The main thing is to keep all your files up to date, this include WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Let me know if this helps.