Upgrading to the paid version -- what happens to my existing site?

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Once I buy a license allowing me to change the footer how do I actually change the text in the footer? I want to replace the language there with my Copyright and Terms of Service information. Do I need to adjust the CSS or can I do it in a widget?

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Thank you for the question and happy new year
After you obtain license i will help you to theme credit in the footer with CSS :slight_smile:

Hi Noda!

Thanks for the reply.

I actually purchased the license before I made the post below. You can check your records! Or if you want I can forward you my email receipt – please let me know which email to forward it to.

Also, if you want to email me the response please send it to the email on file.

I actually have a few additional questions, so I am including all my questions here:

  1. Original question – how do I edit the footer – as I have purchased a license, I would like to replace the default footer with my terms of service and privacy policy.

  2. How do I change the font size and color (and font choice) on the home page? And also on the blog page and the additional pages?

  3. For additional pages that I add that are not the home page and not the blog, by default it displays the author and date and it makes the title of the page the title of the first post. I don’t want any of these things. How do I remove all of that?

  4. Anchors – is it possible to create anchors with this theme? Like within a page create a summary with hyperlinks that go to different sections in the page?


Hi Noda –

I am still waiting for your reply to my questions.


Hi Noda –

I am following up again. I am still waiting for the answers to my questions. thanks.

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First of all sorry for the delay,
Most of your questions could be found in the documentation or here on the support,

  1. you can add new text from the appearance > customize, old one can be removed by custom css,
  2. theme can be customized from appearance > customize if you cant find any particular font here, come back with the page url and tell me which text font you want to change on the page
  3. i need link to the page
  4. there is no option for this in the theme, you need customization or third-party plugins