Uploaded site not displaying - Help

Hello, I purchased the Healthcouch template, downloaded and unzipped it onto my Windows 10 pc. I clicked the index.html and it opened in chrome browser normal. I uploaded the zip to my hosting site, extracted it and the site never loads into web browsers. No support page to help me understand why. I found another index.html in docs that showed a video of a different template in the tutorials but it didn’t help my issue here.

I changed the permissions on all the folders and files in my sites File Manager to 755 on the hosted site and now at least a grey background loads and something just spins in the middle page but the site pages never loads.

I contacted support at my hosting provider and they said to contact the template developer as they don’t see any issues on their end preventing it from working.

Can someone tell me why the uploaded site is not opening in browsers?


Hi there

You have a lot of 404-page error, Screenshot by Lightshot get in touch with your hosting and let them know about this, it’s not a template issue