URGENT error on Sparkling theme Version: 1.8.3

Today I updated my website for the latest version and now there are several errors.

On new posts page the categories and tags to add to a new post is missing. Is also missing the check box for comments.
I get an error everytime I try to upload a new picture. Cant edit an existing picture either.

Anybody else having this problem??
Please help!!


It doesn’t look like a theme error but rather WordPress or server error.

Try to switch to a different theme to see if that resolved your problem. If it does, then reinstall theme by removing it completely and install it again.

Let me know if this helps.


I contacted them, and still nothing has changed. They claim they dont see any errors but still persists. I did remove and re installed both theme and wordpress and nothing changed either.
Can you please take a look? I really dont know what to do.
Also, If a move the format of the post to image, why does it show the featured image above the title of the post??
I just want the picture to show on the slider and inside the post. On top of the post title is too much.

Thank you!

Immediately after updating to Sparkling Theme 1.9.1, existing comments can no longer be viewed by site visitors. The comments can still be seen by an administrator in edit mode. Although the feature to write and submit comments is still available, new comments do not appear on any pages or posts.

Please advise on what changes were in the updates 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 and when you plan to fix the issues related to comments that seem to have developed with these two updates. Is there a fix that can be used to get the comments visible again?

Our particular site is at www.crystalequityresearch.com

Thank you in advance for your reply.


This is not theme related bug as you can see that comments are working perfectly fine on our theme demo. They work the same way for both registered users and regular visitors.

You should look into plugin or settings that you use to create this line of text under each post:

You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us

That’s not part of theme and for me looks like the main thing that could cause problems with comments. Also there are no changes in comment section for this update.

Thank you.

There is one “comment” on one page that has been there since the site was published with Sparkling Theme. The plugin that you mention has also been active since the site was first published. This plugin is not used on the page where there is a comment. The comment has visible continuously until Sparkling theme was updated to 1.9.1. The comment has been visible for weeks (with the plugin activated and in use on other pages). The comment only disappeared from view IMMEDIATELY after the Sparkling theme update.

Is there something about the update process that can trigger a malfunction in the site?

One thing that could be up is that you have disabled comments on pages under Appearance >> Customize >> Content Options >> “Display Comments on Static Pages?”.

Make sure if this is not the case.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, I do not have a ‘Content Options’ under Appearance >> Customize. I have looked around under other menus and have not found ‘Display Comments on Static Pages’, but I will keep looking.

The problem has been solved for the time being by going back to the 1.8.3 version of the Sparkling theme. The single comment now displays again.

I will be exploring whether the use of a child theme could be the problem with using the most recent update of Sparkling theme. We have two installations, one with a child theme and one without a child theme. The one without a child theme underwent the 1.9.1 update with no problem - comments display just fine. The one with a child theme did not. We have only a few cosmetic changes sitting in the CSS of the child theme and have made no other changes to any other files. So if having a child theme is a problem with the update process, it might be best to just ditch the child theme.

Thank you for your help.

Options that I mentioned above are only available for 1.9.x and above version. They are not present in earlier theme versions.

Yes, we can see it in the second installation of Sparkling theme where the 1.9.1 version successfully installed. However, in the primary installation of Sparkling theme that feature never came available even when the 1.9.1 version was installed. This is why we went back to the 1.8.3 version. We suspect it has something to do with the use of a child theme in that primary installation as this is the only difference between the two. In the case of the one with the child theme, we have a few cosmetic changes in the CSS in Theme Options. In the case of the other installation with no child theme, those same cosmetic changes are in the parent Theme Options CSS.

This is the second update that we have encountered since beginning to use the Sparkling theme in April 2015. The first update went through just fine in both installations. This update was not been a good experience.