URL "Projects" not saving

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First time user of your theme for my profile, love it so far - but when I add “projects” and copy the URL to those projects, these links are not being saved.

Any idea what causes this and how to get it fixed? It’s important that this works. :confused:

Hello, hello? Anyone out there?

Hello there,

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If the URL is not being saved the first thing to look at would be the plugins. Please deactivate any third party plugins that you ma have active as one of them may be preventing the links from being saved also please ensure the link is in this format,’‘www.url.com’.

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I am having the same problem. I originally was able to save a link, now I can’t.

I have tested deactivating every single plug-in I have - even the ones recommended for the theme. In fact the only plugin I have that is NOT recommended for theme is Insert Header/Footer.

Anyhow I’ve turned all of these off and tested. Same result, insert URL, click outside of widget box, circle spins, URL disappears and can’t be saved.

Please advise,
Thank you

Anyone here?

Same to me here, I using Illdy theme and URL entry in Projects sidebar cannot saving either using http or using www.
Please advise.

I think it is a bug. I tried to reinstall WP and Theme without any additional plugins except Illdy Companion, Kiwi, and Contact form 7, but this error still occured.

I agree this must be a code bug. I am completely stuck on this as well. The 4 big buttons are a great way to feature services, but everyone visiting my site rightfully assumes these buttons are links. “Projects” is a big feature of the theme, having them just be big image blocks is making people test visiting my site completely confused.

@colorlib is there some kind of code patch for this? Based on this thread, the theme seems to be broken. currently working on www.floodcontent.com

Please advise.

It is. Definitely. I’ve moved away from this theme, even though it’s pretty - due to it being free I think the support is low and issues need to be solved by ourselves most of the time.

Yes, I get that support is limited for Free Themes. That makes sense. But this isn’t really support - this is a completely broke down feature on one of Colorlib’s flagship free themes! I think offering a broken theme to users, free or paid, is doing a disservice to Colorlib’s reputation as a Premium Wordpress service provider, so fixing this issue isn’t really about ‘support’ IMO, it’s about offering products to the public that work properly.

Hello there,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

As it stands, this is indeed a bug however I cannot replicate it on my testing environment, so I have went ahead and notified our development team of the issue so they can inspect it and release an update for the theme in the future.

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I have also that Problem and Iam suffering, not to continue my work and to launch the Website. And incidentally, the Theme is really nice.

@support an update would be a great way to fix this. I look forward to it eagerly. I also agree this is a great theme, thank you for making it!

Any news of a Theme update?