Use Parallax effect on the page

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What would be the best method to add parallex effect (to the banner section) of a post (eg: )?

As it looks rather empty on the top section (see attached screenshot)


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To add parallax to the banner, you would need to customize the theme template files.
Unfortunately, this level of customization is not something we can assist with from our support end.
Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for your reply

Would this be the same case with the other paid parallax theme?

Also, which one that has parallax effect similar to shapely?

Hey there

I can help to set fixed image background which is similar to Parallax if you want this post URL of the page and URL of the image you want to set as a fixed image
You can brose Premium themes menu on this website where you ill be able to see premium themes

Thanks for your response, Noda.

The test environment URL I have: here
For the image, you can use the same image on the homepage: here

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Try to add this code in appearance > customize > additonal css:

header-image-bg {
background-attachment: fixed;

and please try different image, this one is not the best for this case, also, don’t use .gif files as bg image, .jpg or .png is the best

Brilliant! thanks for this!

Case closed!

Cool :slight_smile:

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