use text free shipping when a product cost more then a special amount

I want to Change the text for shipping to free shipping beside a product when it will cost more than 49 euro and I am in Austria and when I am in Germany it I want to get free shipping when the product cost more than 100 euro.
my testside is

Hope you can help me how I can do this.
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I believe you’re referring to woo-commerce zone shipping, I think this will help you.

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This I don’t need. I use this already.

I need the text free shipping direct at the product.
in this Picture:

you can see when the product cost 49 Euro there is also standing “zzgl. Versandkosten” but there should stand “Versandfrei” or in english “free shipping”.

Hope you can still help me.
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Thanks for the clarification

You may take a look at this awesome plugin that allows you to translate single words or sentences.

Say What Plugin Say what? – WordPress plugin |

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you may navigate to Tools>Text Changes>Add New within your WordPress Dashboard and configure the fields as illustrated below.

Original string: Versandkosten
Text domain: dazzling
Text context:
Replacement string: Versandfrei

Please let me know if there are any more questions that I can answer for you.

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Thanks a lot for your answer.
This will rename all words Versandkosten to Versandfrei but I need this only when a product will cost over 49 euro.
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Unfortunately, this won’t be possible without some custom development which falls outside of the scope of our support. For customizations, you may reach out to our preferred developers below:

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I may help with. :slight_smile:

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