Using a portfolio plugin with Illdy theme

I’d like to use the Projects section to display my freelance writing samples but it seems to be designed for images and not text and images. I thought about using the Latest News section but then I’d need to create blog posts for each of my writing samples.

There are also a zillion portfolio plugins. Would one of them work with Illdy? If so, how? I’ve installed a couple and then have no idea where to go. Thanks much

Hi there

Well, you can try Jetpack for this, or any other plugin if they have ability to display portfolios by shortcode :slight_smile:

Thanks. The question is how and where to put it on Illdy. How could I use it in your Projects area, for example? Doesn’t seem like I can use shortcode there.

Yes, you are right, you can use only default project option that are already provided in the theme,
how this is created you can check in our documentation: Illdy Theme Documentation - Colorlib
If projects from other plugin are important for your website you may use third party page builders to assemble page with shortcodes ability