using a video in aJumbotron Section title

hi guys
please help me using an embedded youtube video in the title section
when i try

proper link

it just presents the aforemntioned link …

what can i do?

also, the site is in hebrew…

thank you ?

The page I need help with:

Hi there,

Please clarify and maybe include a screenshot of the settings on that section so that we better understand what is going on.


thank you

here the picture

what do you think?

Will check this problem once i get your access details from other ticket :wink:

Hi, I want to change the jumbotron image from a static image to a video. Is this possible? I would also like to experiment with entrance animations - is there a plugin that works with Illdy or is this being developed?

Hi there

Without major customization that’s not possible, if you are comfortable with PHP and WordPress development then you can achieve this, otherwise, you have to search for third-party plugins, maybe you can use some page builder plugins and redesign entire page with page builder

Can you recommend a plugin? Animate It is good for animated entrances but I now have a problem with mobile responsiveness. Can you help? Here is a problem page

Hi there

Sorry but no :frowning: but i think this can be achieved by some page builder plugins or slider plugins,
you just need to try them