Using another slider in this theme!

Hi Aigars,

I like to use sparkling theme for my website, this theme have very good features and options,
but i don’t like the slider, i mean slider as flexslider is ok, but i don’t like options only for posts and one categories to add slider, this makes this very limited.

I don’t want to use blog on my home page, i want to use in home a static page, then what i did is installed meta slider plugins (meta slider is a free with the same flexslider, but much better the this slider and have much more options: hi have options to add last posts but and many other slider options with images and links as i want).

I tried to integrated this slider with this theme and added this code: in header.php under
<div class=“top-section”>

if (is_home() || is_front_page()) {
echo do_shortcode("[metaslider id=123]"); // replace 123 with your slideshow ID

And this works ok in home page, but i don’t want slider to show in blog page, slider disappearing from other pages but not from blog how to disappear from blog pages.

One more thing i don’t know if i integrated on the new slider, the new slider looks work ok to me but i don’t know if i gone have any problem in the future.

Can you look this slider and integrated this on Sparkling theme if you do this, i can purchase (donate) this theme because then i can use how i want.

And i thing for this theme that slider is much better with much more options, people gone love it, i read the other forum topics users have problem this this slider and image size with featured image, they want to hide post where use sliders, and many problem.

one more thing Meta slider is free, but they have and a pro version and if you integrated in you theme developers gives you earn 30% of all Meta Slider Pro upgrades your users make.

Your shortcode really depends on your setup, in your case you most likely you want to use just is_front_page instead of combining it with is_home. So the code would look like this

if (is_front_page()) {
	echo do_shortcode("[metaslider id=123]"); 

Now it is too late to switch to another slider because users that are currently using this slider will have to do everything again and learn a new platform. I could integrate it on some upcoming theme but not for this one.

OK thank you…