Using Illdy with HTTPS

Hi, First of all thank you very much for the beautiful theme. I like it very much. Here’s my issue:

My blog is on https and when I installed the theme the green bar/lock icon at the top disappeared. This was because I was loading mixed content on the page which is understandable. The content that is being loaded from http is the jumbotron background image which translates to an absolute path starting with http://. How do I change this to https?

I saw the code where this is coming form and I beleive this is the correct piece of code from header.php

<header id="header" class="<?php if( is_front_page() ): echo 'header-front-page'; else: echo 'header-blog'; endif; ?>" style="background-image: url('<?php if( is_front_page() ): echo ( ( $jumbotron_general_image ) ? esc_url( $jumbotron_general_image ) : '' ); else: echo esc_url( get_header_image() ); endif; ?>');">

Where do I change the url/value of $jumbotron_general_image?



You should just go to Dashboard and upload a new media item as the header picture after you have checked that you have https as the website link in Dashboard > Settings > General.

Then re-upload the jumbotron image in Appearances > Customize and give it another go, it should fix the issue.

Let me know about it.


Hi Rutz,

Thanks for the advice. Reuploading the image fixed the issue.

Hello @vee727,

That’s great news, I’m happy that you got it fixed.
I’m sorry for the trouble, tho.

Have a great day!