Video background, video galleries, tables, mobile version and everything! Help!)

Hello mates! My site is:
Fond of your theme, so switched my site to it. But have a list of problems i can’t resolve myself. I rely on your kindness and looking for some help:

  1. I would like to place continiously playing video in the header instead of parallax image and to place my logo here. How can i achieve this?
  2. Is it possible to expand text area width in parallax widget somehow?
  3. I have a small parallax section with a text. I know that it’s quite hard to read white letter on a bright background but the problem is not about it. In PC version everything is great but in mobive version the sentences cross each other so it’s impossible to read anything. Tried to use <br> and <p> codes to increase the break, but nothing helps
  4. How can i input the video in the widget? I mean i would like to make simply embed video from vimeo to make a video portfolio (not a specially designed gallery or smth). How can i achieve it? The example is in the link.
  5. I was trying to make something like pricing tables. Had that previously using another theme. My site is about wedding photography and videography, so i would like to display pricelist to the customers. Tried to use some plugins i used before - its not working.
  6. Is it possible to switch site language to the Russian? I mean when you click the search button in the top menu you get english words like “type” and “search” as well as results of search. It’s not a big deal but still would apreciate your help with this issue.
  7. I have portfolio section with some photos here. The problem is i would like to make a gallery carousel when you click the photo to display it in full-width mode and switch from one to another easily. Now it’s linked to the post.
    And i would like to remove the text appearing when you hover mouse over image. Is it possible?

Yeah, i know there are a lot of questions, but if it’s possible to add one more - it would be great! :*
8. I have some problems with image resizing when you are switching from PC site version to mobile. Are there any recommended dimensions for images used in big parallax section, small parallax section, portfolio images and etc.?

Come on, i know there are a lost of questions to help with, but i will appreciate any support even with one from the list.