Video being overlapped

As a workaround to create extra sections on the frontpage, I’m using the full width section to house both a custom html and video widget. I’d like the video widget to be beneath the custom html, however when I do that, the video gets overlapped by the custom html and the section below. If I put the video on top, everything is fine.

URL to site:

adding comment, that it looks ok in my appearance-customize preview but is being overlapped when looking at it live.

another update, I was able to add the text I wanted into the Title/Entry portion of the ‘Full Width Section’ so I didn’t need the custom HTML widget. I used HTML to set the max-width so that the text doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the page. Now my video shows up great as the only widget in the section. However, now my ‘Entry’ text isn’t aligning to center with the Title or rest of the page. Any ideas?

Ok, so it looks like I figured it out. I just increased my max width until it looked centered. Still, others may have an issue when trying to insert multiple widgets into the ‘full width’ section of Illdy. May be something worth looking into. Thanks!


Glad you sorted it out. :slight_smile:

Let us know If you have any other questions.