Video link on widget, not showing on mobile and tablet mode

I included a video embedded link on custom HTML widget, It is not showing on mobile and tablet mode.
i tried the video widget but i cannot adjust the sizes. looks weird when viewed in mobile.

thank you, i hope you can help me.

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Kindly send the URL to your website so I may look into the issue for you.
Also it would help if you sent the code that you embedded here so I can test it.

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wow! thanks for the fast response! :smiley:

Custom HTML widget
[youtube AUTO REVIEW October 4 2014 - YouTube]

Video widget

Hi, Thank you for the fast response! XD


Custom HTML widget (not showing on mobile and tablet)
youtube’s iframe code

Video widget (height=? on mobile and tablet)
htt ps:// embed/IXQWR1MTuCI

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Given its a youtube video, have you tired using Video Widget that is now included in WordPress 4.8?
Which is also responsive.

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hi, i already used the video widget, but its not working for me. i used a different one. thank you for you response. thank you


Happy to hear you got it sorted,
If you don’t mind, feel free to share your solution, It may be helpful to others.
And feel free to let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with,

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