Video portfolio, Social media icons

Hello, how do you create a video portfolio with the shapely theme? I’m trying to add vimeo video links and I’m not having any luck. My end goal is to have at least 30 videos on my portfolio page that can be grouped into different categories. Ex: Music videos, commercials, creative work, etc. Is that possible with this theme?

Also, I accidentally removed the short code that allows social media icons to show at the bottom of the page. How can I get this back?

These are the last 2 things I need to fix and the website will be fully functioning in the manner I need.

Thanks, I’m grateful for any help.

hey there

  1. video links or embed code can be inserted in the portfolios pages, but they can not be displayed as thumbnail images instead of the featured image
  2. need more info on social icons problem, can you show me an example?
    p.s. make sure you checked documentation :slight_smile: