Video Preview on Home Page Posts (Travelify)

Hi Guys,
I’m v v newbie but learning fast, thanks for the theme been having fun with it, it’s awesome, however, just hit a sticky problem that I just cant seem to sort out!
I am trying to get video preview on the home screen on my posts. To be a little clearer, I have got the thumbnail video preview on the post on the home screen but there is no play button showing!
So on viewing the home page the post only looks like it has an image on it and not a video link. Therefore not as inviting as seeing a link to a video on the post.
The question is, can I embed video so that there is a play button showing on the home screen or is this not possible with this theme?
I have tried a few plugins but not managed to find anything that sorts out the issue. I think I may have just not got the right plugin, not sure. I am afraid that I am rather new and do not feel comfortable playing around with code, so if there is an easy fix I would love to find it.
Heres hoping, cheers

Please, post your website URL, so I can see how you have created your setup.

From what I understand is that you are already using some thumbnail generator plugin because no themes by default uses screenshots from videos for featured images and they are assigned separately.

Hi thanks for the rapid reply,

Website =

Yes I have a thumbnail plugin installed.

I did not know whether my request was a bit out of the ordinary, apologies. I am trying to set up the Home page so that the ‘post preview’ showed that I have added video! If this is not possible then that is fine I will have to try and work round it.

Looking for some advice please, thanks in anticipation.


  • The simplest solution here would be to use plugin that would allow to replace featured images with videos, so users won’t need to open posts to display videos.

  • More advanced solution would be to add background for those featured images, so play button would be visible on hover

.home .post-featured-image {
  background: url('') no-repeat center;

.attachment-featured.wp-post-image:hover {
  opacity: 0.5;

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and see how it works.

  • Other solution would be to bring this button on forefront but unfortunately it won’t be possible with a simple CSS and you will have to modify theme template files but it would be way too much for a free support. Sorry about that.

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for the help, I tried the code and it works well but still not exactly what I am searching for! Yes it works well on desktop and does let the reader know that the video is there, however not too ideal on phone or tablet!

However, I have had a quick search round for a plugin ‘replace featured image with video’ and there seem to be some available, so you have come up with the solution.
Many, many thanks for the help and support, the theme is top notch just me being a bit fussy I think, apologies for that.

Once again thanks,



Here is the solution that worked for me.

Video shows on posts on home screen and can be played without opening the post, ideal, just what I was after.

Thanks again to Aigars for pointing me in the right direction.


Funny thing is that I mentioned similar plugin in my original answer and linked to it :slight_smile:

But glad you have already found a solution for this.