Video size problems with shapely theme

Hello, I have problems with the size of a video on frontpage with shapely theme. I found help here, but it does not work as fine as it should. I use this css:
/Video size/
.mejs-container {
width: 800px !important;
max-height: 950px !important;
margin: 0 auto;
the width is ok, but with height over 950 I have above the video a black gap and under too. with 950 there is only one above. But there should be none! How can I fix this problem?

The video size is youtube size 16:9 and to find out what happens I changed this to insta size 1080x1080 square, but it has the same size on the website as before. It does not matter if the video is square, vertical or wide.

I also tried to embed a video from vimeo, it does not work fine, too. And I tried it on another site of the website, to find out it it is a problem from mainpage: this does not work fine, too.

Can you provide me with another css code or anything other help?

I found a post here according this from 2018 and there support said, it should be fixed with next update?

Looking forward for help.
Thank you.

Hi Ania

Please always include link tot he page in your questin, I need to see the problem

Hi, I hope this is a private reply, my customers do not want to see the link here:

Thank you


Its not a private and I just removed link from your post, also, site was hidden and I was not able to verify your probelm