I’m putting a video on my homepage using widget may I know how to resize it?


If you’re using the [Shapely] Video widget, then you can customize its height using this option but by default it will be full width of the browser just like the other widgets.

If I am wrong or didn’t understand the question means can you tell exactly what do you mean by resize or explain the question with a screenshot, so that we can answer better.

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Hello Laranz,

Yes I use shapely video widget, I already adjust height but the problem is the video itself. When I adjust the height the player adjusted the size but the video is not responsive or still same on his size.

Thanks You!

HI @carlvic

Well, this depends on video, we can adjust container height but how video will behave inside that’s not possible to control because it has a predefined size, can I see the link to that page?

Hello Noda,

Ok I get it thanks, But
Here’s my link as you can see some text at the bottom cut off in the video.

Hm, i see you are using image slideshow right now, is that ok?

Hello Noda,

Sorry I change my widget to rev. slider. Thanks for the help !

That’s ok :slight_smile:
Can i close this case now?

Ok thankyou!

Hi, there

Thank you I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!