Videos don't post on front page?

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I’m putting together a blog/podcast site that will occasionally feature video content. When I try to post videos, however, they don’t show up on the front page - only the headline & other text shows up - no video. But click on the headline, and you’re taken to the post’s individual page, where the video finally shows.

Is there some way I can post my video content so it shows up on the front page AND its own post page?


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In the front page post excerpt is displayed in which all html tags are removed.

To display HTML tags You can manually add excerpts to the post in the excerpt field of post as described on the below page.

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Thanks, Movin.

That worked great. However - do you think Colorlib will update the Activello theme to save users that extra step of having to

1.) paste the video url into the Edit Post field for the post; and then -
2.) go back to your video hosting site for the embed code to paste into the Excerpt field, so the video shows up on the front page, as well?

Photos automatically show up on both the front page and the post page - I’m hoping Colorlib can do the same for videos.

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Hey again @buckley,
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That would be up to the development team. The best I can do is run this by them as a prospective feature request and hope that they implement it.

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I may answer for you.

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