Videos won't play on mobile

Hello, thanks for this excellent theme. I’m producing a blog for my university journalism students to publish to with stories about the Covid-19 virus. It’s working very well except for one key problem which is that no videos (youtube or Vimeo embedded) nor self-hosted videos will play on mobile at all. I’ve tried both adding the URL through the Vimeo and youtube block and have copied in the iframe code and neither play in mobile. They play fine on desktop.
On mobile the embeds appear like images. Nothing is clickable to play.

Example with Vimeo and self-hosted videos Amsterdam (with Gloves) – CoviDiary
Example with Youtube (URL embed and iframe embed) Pandemic Silver Linings – CoviDiary

Thank you very much. I appreciate the support.

Just a clarification on two things. I’m using the Newspaper X theme, and when I mentioned the videos not playing on mobile, I was specifically talking about phones (iPhone) they do work on larger size tablets, like pads, but not on smallest screens. Even in the preview window on a desktop when I have it preview as if it’s a mobile device, the videos are not playable on small screens. Please help. thanks.

It seems this thread worked for the Newspaper X theme if others are having this problem.

Hey there

I see your problem is already resolved, thank you for sharing solution :slight_smile: