Visual Editor / Full Width

Hey there,

I recently switched back to this theme, and am having a couple issues;

  1. I cannot view the visual editor, limiting me from some plugins
    → I have disabled and then enabled my plug-ins and also tried to disable and re-enable the visual editor in user settings

  2. More a question: How do I get rid of the white space in the theme, and remove the white space?

  3. I cannot see the toolbar at the top of my screen to allow me to edit the page I am viewing, etc.

  4. the scroll on the page is not working properly.

I am very confused right now, as it seems the entire theme isn’t working like it used to! Help! Thanks so much.


  1. Not theme related issue

  2. Please be more specific exactly where you want to remove white space - header, content, footer, etc.

  3. Not theme related. You can enable/disable WordPress admin toolbar via your WordPress user profile. Look for option called “Show Toolbar when viewing site”

  4. Scroll works perfectly fine on your website. If you means that flashing background in your website then just make sure to use proper sized image for background or at least configure it properly via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Background. Also not theme related since background is set by WordPress itself.