Want to add a required checkbox to a parallax widget.


I’d like to find a way to insert a required checkbox into one of the widgets on a site I made. There’s a waiver with a button below it, on the site, and I’d like to make visitors check the box acknowledging the waiver before they can continue on with the button link.

I’m comfortable getting into the code and making changes; I really just need some sort of starting point. I have a PHP snippet already, just trying to figure out placement and how to bind it to the button itself.

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IM so sorry to say but such things are not possible without customization of the template and such works are basically done by our customers

Right. I’m cool with customizing it on my own. What I’m asking for is a push in the right direction. Like, where in the widget php file should I be targeting in order to implement this.

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You can add the snippet in the header.php or index.php but depending on the snippet it could be added to the page template files.

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