Want to buy your All-Templates Licence, but your site is thwarting me

I’ve been trying to buy the All-Templates licence, but each time I opt for “PayPal” your page is alerting me with the following:

Billing First name is a required field.
Billing Last name is a required field.
Billing Street address is a required field.
Billing Postcode / ZIP is a required field.

As the payment cannot proceed, I’m unable to pay.

I’ve had a word with Colorlib’s Aigars Silkalns about this, who mentioned that there is no other way to pay, other than adding all the personal details in the form next to the PayPal option.

Just for your information, I’ve discussed this with our PayPal contact. They mentioned that this is unusual. In fact, they’d never come across this before. Once PayPal is selected as the payment option, all that is required in to log into the PayPal account in question, after which payment can proceed. This is my experience also.

Also FYI, my PayPal account is a Business Account, generated in 2011 and used ever since, both for receiving and sending payments, with no issues. The account is Confirmed/Verified and has been in good standing from Day 1 until today.

Please assist in this matter, as I like your products and want to proceed with the All Templates option.

Thank you.


Hi Bryan

Please get in touch again with Aigars, im unable to help when the problem is related to payments, only Aigars can help you, please follow

Will do.
Thanks Noda.

You are welcome dear :slight_smile:

let me know if you need anything else