Warning and Fatal Error in Illdy Companion

Is this the reason I can’t optimize my site?

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When did you start experiencing this error?
Also, there is a new version of Illdy, version 2.0.4, please go ahead and install the new version of the theme.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. I recently change my theme from Activello to Illdy. I ‘d installed UpdradftPluns to backup my site before the change. Now I have some problems… I activated a static front page.
1.When I change the Blog Archive Header Image, I can see this image in all my primary menu pages except my ‘Home’ page. In my ‘Home’ page I see the Illdy theme pictures with the woman in front of the window.
-I want to have the picture only in my home page and not in all the other pages
2. When I push a button from my primary menu a new corresponding page opens, instead of seeing the page in my static front page as it happens in the initial theme. I have my old primary menu from Activello theme…
3. Also in the Jumbotron Section my color and backgrounds buttons are inactive.

I wonder if all these is happening because of my previous customization (so I have to fix it somehow) or it’s a theme’s problem… I also installed 2.0.4 version.

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Sorry for a late in response. I already reply you in another thread, so we can continue to discuss the issue in that thread.

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